Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Final Grandiose Model

This model took a ridiculous amount of time. To the point that I truly shudder thinking about it. Thankfully though it was good fun - minus lining up the stairs - and a felt like were I to do it again it would be a lot easier. Scale was the largest issue, I decided an artist space should be large, airy and light. To do this meant a large amount of glass and huge structures enabling the building of any kind of sculptor. This made fitting a staircase ridiculously tedious and meticulously long process.

Basically the space above is Patrcia Piccinini - and below is Ricky Swallow. The words respectively are: confronter and contemplative. For this I let the dome rest on three supports seemingly floating, confronting as it rests there in the air. As for contemplative the room has jarring angles that don't conform to any system, this is due to having the stair case crawling around. So that anyone who entered would most certainly have to look twice to get there bearing.

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