Monday, June 7, 2010

Draft Images

For my first attempt I choose this the Yarra valley. With its picturesque surroundings heightening the power of the bridge, consequently the owners, over the landscape.

Secondly I chose this valley in Hollental (viewed from the castle Falkenstein) which with its road, rugged landscape and sheer faces will imbue the building with the sense of power the clients wish to display. Furthermore, since my "mash-up article" focuses on the automotive industry and the power of the individuals who stand against its inseparable problems, of road fatalities (Miranda Kerr) and the catastrophic pollution levels (Angela Merkel), incorporating the road into the design (maybe table in the middle disrupting traffic during the conference) will be interesting to explore. Hence I am going to develop Hollental further, next step to find some nice European pines and hopefully some decent autumn colours.

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