Saturday, May 1, 2010

Realtime Pics of Building in Environment

Due to the choice of my scientists -Hawking and Darwin - I decided that the island should be an isolated tropical paradise. For Darwin it provides a basis for his studies, the bird life easily accessible and observable from the overhanging step of the building and hub of the building providing a clear and easy to path to the forest where other species will be encountered. For Stephen Hawking the location offers a remoteness that allows peace and tranquility in forming complex mathematical and astronomical ideas. At the same time the tower would be loaded with equipment for stargazing, unpolluted by civilisation's lights in this isolated location.
The paradigm of the amalgamated quote was the necessity of cooperation in human endeavours. As such I wanted the meeting space to be as large and adaptable as possible. To this end, the entire central ground floor block creates this space as well as the attached hub on the right transformed as a meeting space. The concept enabling each scientist to use both or one of the shared spaces depending on need at that time, minimising costs and creates a flexibility of space.

The flat level space also provides a perfect landing platform for helicopters,providing access to the wheelchair bound Stephen Hawking.

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