Friday, May 21, 2010

Article Mashup "WBAI promising to cause powerful ripples to Automotive Industry"

Although the first international meeting of “Women for the Betterment of the Automotive Industry” (WBAI) is only in its formative stage, it has already caused a powerful commitment and interest from the rich, famous and powerful female icons of today. Taking inspiration from the powerful female activists of the past including the inspirational and symbol of the indomitable human spirit Helen Keller, this lobby intends to push some major changes into the male dominated world of the auto lobby. Starting with the issue of the German car manufacturing industry— the largest in Europe, home to Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche and the German- American company Daimler Chrysler - pulled out all the stops to try and derail a proposal by the EU environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas to limit CO2 emissions from new cars to 120 grams/ km (the current average is around 160 g/km).The German lobby said jobs would be lost and too much of a burden placed on car makers by the Commission’s target. But Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany brought pressure that opened the door to a qualitative change in action against global warming, she said, and could “help save the world from calamity."

The talks will also encompass the issue of automotive safety and with Miranda Kerr presenting. "I lost a loved one in a car accident and it is something that has shaped the way I appreciate life and how quickly it can be taken away," she said. "Every time we get in the car we are risking our lives but life is for living and I try my best to not live in fear." Her life thereafter became a triumph over crushing adversity and shattering affliction. Through her touching personal loss Kerr hopes to enforce further utilisation of the pedestrian and crash avoidance systems that already exist on top end car models. Thus significantly reducing the human cost that driving inflicts.

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